Our Story

In February of 2020, our founder Christian Young was in the middle of contract negotiations for a startup which involved having grandchildren visit their grandparents. For obvious reasons, COVID-19 stopped that venture dead in it's tracks. With a desire to keep everyone safe and once again visit our family and friends, Christian started Sani Stand.

We got to work hiring American designers, manufacturers and employees. It was important that we supported local as much as possible and we found that in turn our locals supported us.

The Ken Garff dealership group trusted us to deliver several hundred stands for their network of dealerships across the nation as well as the Utah School Board of Education with their purchase of several thousand stands for almost every school in Utah.

Our stands are still made in Salt Lake City, Utah and our hand sanitiser in Houston, Texas.

We are proud to have supported America throughout the pandemic and thank you for helping us to do so.

For sales enquiries please email sales@sanistand.co.